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Shooting Lab

Does your athlete desire to be an ELITE SHOOTER?


30 Minute Sessions will be offered year-round.

The STARS Shooting Lab features FOUR Dr. Dish CT Shooting Machines which feature a 15.6″ true touchscreen interface, 150+ on-demand workouts from professional trainers, and the ability to build custom shooting drills that track individual and group stats! The Dr. Dish CT Shooting Machines are truly the machines for the next generation of ELITE SHOOTERS! Players will experience specialized training to maximize shot repetitions with instant instruction and feedback.  Our coaching staff will be on-site to provide coaching, feedback, and encouragement! HUNDREDS of shooting slots open this summer!

Who: 5th grade and older
When: Session times released on the App
Where: TOA Sports Performance Center (215 Gothic Court, Franklin)

Be on the lookout for the overhaul of The Shooting LAB!

New level of focus/engagement with each shooter (LAB Supervisor will be checking in/giving tips to all LAB shooters)

New 30 minute sessions (can book back-to-back sessions if your shooter desire a 60 minute shooting session)

New pricing model/offerings/membership packages

New 1-hour training offering  (1 hour shooting session with LAB Trainer)

20% The LAB Offerings May 23rd-June 10th.

Use PROMO Code: LAB20


STARS Basketball is partnering with STARS Coach, Trey Stevenson (Train ‘Em Up) to offer your athlete an intense, dynamic workout! The one-hour group sessions will be limited to five athletes.

LAB PLUS(+) features STARS Shooting Lab+Performance Training

Group Session (max. of 5 athletes per session) will include/focus on:

Dr. Dish Shooting Reps:

  • Shooting Technique
  • Shooting in Rhythm
  • Shooting Under Pressure
  • Shooting off the Dribble

VertiMax Training (World’s Leading Vertical Jump and Speed Training System):

  • Increasing Vertical Jump (resulting in more rebounds/quicker reaction time)
  • Improving Explosiveness

Speed & Agility Training

  • Lateral Quickness
  • Frist Step and Beating Defenders off the Dribble
  • Change of Direction Quickness


Ball Handling:

  • Dribbling Quickness
  • Handling Pressure

LAB PLUS(+): Dr. Dish + VertiMax + Speed/Agility Training + Ball Handling = RESULTS

RESULTS: Shooting (Increased confidence/more makes), Rebounding (more boards), Defense (more deflections/more steals/more stops), Explosiveness (first step quickness/attack the rim), and Conditioning (stronger)

Cost: 4-Pack $159 (Registration/Payment through STARS Basketball Club APP-see below)

NEW Dates/Times for May:

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