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Shooting Lab

Does your athlete desire to be an ELITE SHOOTER?


30 Minute Sessions will be offered year-round.

The STARS Shooting Lab features FOUR Dr. Dish CT Shooting Machines are truly the machines for the next generation of ELITE SHOOTERS!  Our coaching staff will be on-site to provide coaching, feedback, and encouragement! HUNDREDS of shooting slots open this summer!

Who: 5th grade and older (younger shooters can be evaluated for adequate strength)
When: Session times released on the App
Where: TOA Sports Performance Center (215 Gothic Court, Franklin)


Be on the lookout for the overhaul of The Shooting LAB!

New level of focus/engagement with each shooter (LAB Supervisor will be checking in/giving tips to all LAB shooters)

New 30 minute sessions (can book back-to-back sessions if your shooter desire a 60 minute shooting session)

New pricing model/offerings/membership packages

New 1-hour training offering  (1 hour shooting session with LAB Trainer)

LAB Plus+ Session Dates (July 2024)

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STARS Basketball is partnering with STARS Coach, Trey Stevenson (Train ‘Em Up) to offer your athlete an intense, dynamic workout! LAB PLUS(+) features STARS Shooting Lab+Performance Training

This Small Group Session (max. of 5 athletes per session) will focus on:


Dr. Dish Shooting Reps:

  • Shooting Technique
  • Shooting in Rhythm
  • Shooting Under Pressure
  • Shooting off the Dribble

VertiMax Training (World’s Leading Vertical Jump and Speed Training System):

  • Increasing Vertical Jump (resulting in more rebounds/quicker reaction time)
  • Improving Explosiveness
  • Lateral Quickness
  • Frist Step and Beating Defenders off the Dribble
  • Change of Direction Quickness

LAB PLUS(+): Dr. Dish + VertiMax + Speed/Agility Training + Ball Handling = RESULTS


Cost: 4-Pack $159 (Registration/Payment through STARS Basketball Club APP-see below)

***SPECIAL NOTE: Elementary-age athletes can be scheduled by request. Please contact Coach Ted Quinn (

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