Stars Basketball Club





STARS Basketball Club will host the HIGH SCHOOL HOOPS' LEAGUE (BOYS' & GIRLS Divisions) for high school players this fall! This is a terrific opportunity for area high school players to compete on the court before their upcoming school seasons!

Players will sign up individually and then be placed onto a team (NOTE: TSSAA Rule - No more than THREE STUDENTS, from the same school, can be placed on the same team).

We will offer a JV and VARSITY Division for BOYS due to anticipated demand. Juniors and seniors are REQUIRED to choose VARSITY division when registering; freshman and sophomores are encouraged to play JV, unless athlete expects to play varsity during the 2021-22 season.

  • Dates (FIVE Games): Sundays (9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10)
  • Games may tip as early as 5:00 p.m. (e.g. 5:00; 6:15: 7:30)
  • Note: On 9/12, games may tip earlier as each team may have a 20 to 30 minute practice as well (**One-time practice!)
  • Location: TOA Sports Performance Center (formerly A-Game; 215 Gothic Court, Franklin)
  • Cost: Early registration price - $130 per player (if registered by 8/31/21 at midnight)
    • Regular price - $155 (every athlete receives a reversible jersey that will be collected at end of league)
  • Registration Deadline: Sunday, September 6th

NEW This Year: Andre Whitehead, with TN Prep Hoops will be partnering with STARS Basketball and the High School Hoops League. Andre is one of the very best in the state of TN/region in covering/promoting high school players and club basketball teams. His reputation in the basketball market space is trusted and respected! Andre will be spotlighting players from this league, including weekly write-ups and coverage, via his Twitter account (@Tnprephoops) and website (

League Info:

  • Max. Team Size: 9 to 10 players (Stars' Coaches will be assigned to specific teams; NO weekly practices)
  • Game Format: Two 25-minute halves (50 minutes of game time!)
  • Media: Partnering with Andre Whitehead and TN Prep Hoops (Twitter: @Tnprephoops); Pictures, scores, & stat leaders posted on STARS accounts too (Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook).
  • Spectators/Fans: FREE (no admission charged)
  • TSSAA Officials

Questions - contact:

Game Rules:
• Gameplay Rules: Rules will remain consistent with the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) rules and regulations of play. Any variances from the NFHS rules and regulations of play will be listed below.
• Clock: 50 Minute Games (25 minute halves; running clock)
• The clock stops in final minute of each half on all whistles
• If a team is leading by 20 points or more, the clock will continuously run in the last minute.
• Subs: Substitutions will take place every six minutes, ensuring quality/quantity playing time for each athlete (max. team size = 9 to 10 players); NOTE: In the FINAL SIX MINUTES of the second half, coach discretion/choice.
• Timeouts: Each team receives two, 30 second timeouts per half (do not carry over to 2nd half)
• Overtime: 1 minute overtime (clock stops on all whistles); if game is tied at the end of overtime, first team
to lead by 2 points wins
• Mercy Rule: If a team is leading by 20 points or more, the deficit on the scoreboard will remain at 20 until
the deficit is less than 20 (Note: official score will be kept in the scorebook).
Fouls/Free Throws
In an effort to keep the game moving (i.e. NOT wasting game time), the following rules are in place relating to fouls:
• ALL SHOOTING fouls: If fouled in the act of shooting a 2-pt. basket, offensive player is awarded one free throw - if the free throw is made, offensive team will receive TWO points; If fouled in the act of shooting a 3-pt. basket, offensive player is awarded one free throw – if the free throw is made, the offensive team will receive THREE points.
• If a player makes a 2-pt. basket or 3-pt basket, and is fouled, the basket counts and the player is awarded one free throw (worth 1 point)
• Hard/flagrant fouls (not equal to “intentional fouls”) will NOT be tolerated for any reason. An obvious hard/flagrant foul, as ruled on by the court official, will result in the immediate awarding of 2 points to the other team and potentially the removal of the player who committed the foul.
• Once a team has committed TEN fouls in a half, the opponent is awarded 1 free throw (worth 2 points)
• A player will foul out on their 6th foul
• A technical foul will result in one free throw (worth TWO points).
Sportsmanship (and Technical Fouls)
If a player receives a technical foul, he/she will not be allowed to play the remainder of the half. If a player receives a 2nd technical foul during the season, the player will NOT be allowed to finish the season (no partial refunds given). Bottom line – Respect your coach, the opponent, and the officials; disrespect to others and the game will not be tolerated.